Friday, October 7, 2011

Dark by Kenji Jasper

My other review sites took off in one way or another, but I misplaced the original book review I had created, and sadly, this blog has suffered for it.  Recently, however, a dear friend inspired me to go looking for it- And I have found it. 
 From here on out, I hope to provide a review on one book a week.  They may be fiction, they may not.  They may be older books, and they may not.  What you can count on, however, is that all will be...   Words of Worth.

This story follows Thai Williams around in what seems to be an ordinary day in his neighborhood of Capital Heights, in the DC area of Maryland.  However, what turns out to be an average day quickly turns into a situation that sends him running to Charlotte, NC.
While there, he discovers the world that lay beyond the few streets he used to call home.  More to the point, he realizes that he can go beyond what he thought life was.  He can be more.
The only question now: Is it already too late?

Dark is the first book published by Kenji Jasper and what an initial showing!  The story is captivating, sometimes for its light, others for its dark aspects.  The overall theme of this book is the redemption a person can find even when all hope seems to have disappeared. 
The characters are introduced in such an easy way I felt as though I was being introduced to them personally.  By the time the ending came about, I found myself being moved to tears. 
How many of us have faced our own demons?  How many of us are even willing? 
I highly recommend this novel.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, it has happened. I did not think I would find a book that would ignite my passion for reviewing literary works, but I have found it, read it and have decided to review it. Even more than that, however, I have been inspired to form a new "blog" solely for the sake of reviewing great books. You can thank someone very near and dear to me for that idea!

After thinking about it some more, I've decided to up the ante a bit more by creating a few new places for me to air my take on books, music and movies.

Thus it is with a joyous heart I wish to introduce my latest blogs- Words of Worth, Featured Film, and Must Have Music.

Remember, the original blog is Renegade's Rants. That having been said, let the games begin!!